Marko: "In 2021 we will fight for the title, and this time we really will!"

14-10-2020 08:18 | Updated: 14-10-2020 09:31
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Marko: In 2021 we will fight for the title, and this time we really will!

Prior to the 2020 season it was thought that this could be the year of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. Red Bull were also positive, claiming to have had the best preparation since their last world title in 2013.

After eleven races, however, Verstappen faces a considerable gap to Lewis Hamilton. A gap that would certainly not have been there with the same material, says Helmut Marko at the German Sport1. "I Think Max would prevail over a whole season"

A good start is half the battle

So the title is forgiven in 2020, but Marko never gives up. According to him, Bottas' second place is still achievable and next season looks completely good in his eyes. Because the regulations remain the same, Red Bull has the opportunity to continue developing the current car. Because of this he hopes to be able to compete at the beginning of the season to win the race.

"We want to optimise the car so that we can attack straight away next year", the Austrian is quoted by "In 2021, we will certainly go for the world title, and this time we really will. Circumstances have never been as optimal or as good for us as they look today for 2021".

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