Kubica: "Formula 1 should be happy with him on the grid"

08-10-2020 12:02 | Updated: 08-10-2020 14:48
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Kubica: Formula 1 should be happy with him on the grid

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari for Aston Martin at the end of this season. Vettel is clearly out of place at Ferrari and his transfer may well be a welcome new start for the German.

Great driver

"Vettel does not have an easy season and of course you can quickly form a negative opinion if you just look at the results," Robert Kubica said in an interview on Speedweek.com. "But he's still a great driver and switching to another team can give him a new boost and bring back the enthusiasm and fun."

His years at Ferrari did not have the success Vettel had dreamed of. "He fought for the title but didn't win it. But that also shows that you have to be in the right place at the right time," the former Williams driver explained.

"Driving Ferrari is never easy, but at Aston Martin it won't be easy either. But when you join a new team there are new challenges and opportunities. Formula 1 should be happy to have it on the grid."

People forget quickly

Formula 1 is hard, as Kubica knows, but it remains a beautiful sport. "People quickly forget who you are, what you have achieved and what you can do," said the reserve driver of Alfa Romeo. "Many people tend to judge you on your last race. That's the easiest way, but not the best. For results, the whole package is important, sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't have it".

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