Stewart on Hamilton: 'Success does not deserve the same respect'

06-10-2020 16:43 | Updated: 06-10-2020 16:48
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Stewart on Hamilton: 'Success does not deserve the same respect'

Now that Lewis Hamilton is also on his way to breaking the latest records of Michael Schumacher, there is a growing debate as to who actually is the best driver of all time. If you can compare that. Triple world champion Jackie Stewart is also doing well.

Fangio the best

"Juan Manuel Fangio is, in my opinion, the best driver of all time. With Jim Clark in second place, even for [Ayrton] Senna", says the Scotsman on "Lewis drives very well, don't get me wrong. I'm not belittling his skills in any way, but it's not the same," he said. "[Fangio] drove in such a way, it was very special".

What's more, drivers at that time were driving not only in Formula 1, but in other classes as well. "The pressure today is much more relaxed. Of course they go to the factory and make the simulator, but it's not the same. It is a different world."

Choice for Mercedes

Stewart believes that Hamilton has an almost unfair advantage over the dominance of Mercedes in recent years. "Lewis made a very good decision when he left McLaren and went to Mercedes. Hats off to him for making that decision, but frankly, the car and engine are now so superior that it is almost unfair to the rest of the grid".

The former team boss therefore points to the time in which he raced himself. "Everyone had a Ford Cosworth, except Ferrari. There was a level playing field that simply doesn't exist today".

Not the same respect

According to Stewart, this dominance of Mercedes therefore detracts from Hamilton's successes. "It does not deserve the same respect to be able to do it in a car that is not the best. And that is the difference between the very great drivers and the very successful ones". He wouldn't call Hamilton one of the greatest drivers of all time. "That would be difficult for me to justify.”

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