Drivers and the FIA learn from Mugello: “Several important conclusions"

04-10-2020 10:53 | Updated: 04-10-2020 15:28
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Drivers and the FIA learn from Mugello: “Several important conclusions

In Mugello, the safety car caused a bizarre situation. Because the line where the leader of the race was lying very late, Valtteri Bottas drove slowly for a very long time. Behind him, however, things went completely wrong, causing several drivers to drop out. Afterwards, it became clear that different circumstances caused the hard crash. Carlos Sainz is pleased that the drivers have made new arrangements with the FIA.

"I think we have identified all the important points and we have discussed everything, together with the other drivers and the FIA. We have therefore drawn a number of important conclusions. The FIA and the drivers are going to help each other to avoid a similar situation in the future," explained the Spaniard to Autosport

Learned from discussion

Sainz does not think that the FIA was solely to blame. "I think there are some drivers who could have prevented the accident. But it was also the circuit. Mugello is very special about that. Such a scenario will not happen in Sochi or on any other track." Pierre Gasly also recognises that it will not happen very often.

"We have discussed it for a while and we have heard all the opinions. I think it will be different if we go back to Mugello. After the discussion we had, I think that every driver understood exactly what had happened and I think it is good that we talked about it," concluded Gasly.

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