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Wolff about Hamilton: A switch to Red Bull is not out of the question

Wolff about Hamilton: "A switch to Red Bull is not out of the question"

01-10-2020 19:26


Toto Wolff, team boss of Mercedes, says that Lewis Hamilton may go to Red Bull. The six-time World Cup winner has still not renewed his contract with the German team.

A few weeks ago, Eddie Jordan made a striking statement in the Formula 1 cafe of Ziggo Sport. The former team owner said he thought Lewis Hamilton should go to Red Bull to become Max Verstappen's teammate. Then it was a bit laughable, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner even wondered what Jordan had been drinking before the broadcast. But Toto Wolff doesn't immediately rule out the switch from Hamilton to Red Bull.

"I've seen crazier things in my life"

The Austrian says to Motorsport-Total: "Never say never! I have seen crazier things in my life. But I don't see why Lewis would want to leave Mercedes. He has a very strong personal relationship with Mercedes and with the team he has created. At the moment we are making the best car. There is mutual trust."

"I don't think such a move makes sense. But yes, you can never rule it out." For the time being, the team boss is not yet talking to his star driver about a new contract. No talks will take place until November. Mercedes would like Hamilton to secure its seventh world title before a new contract comes up for discussion. When that title is in, he and Hamilton can relax a bit more, he says. "The situation will be very different then. For now our focus is on achieving success".

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