Plooij enjoys Hamilton: 'That's just like Verstappen'

29-09-2020 10:21
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Plooij enjoys Hamilton: 'That's just like Verstappen'

Lewis Hamilton was not to be enjoyed after the Russian Grand Prix. The Briton had been punished and then said he had not received the right strategy from the team. Jack Plooij does enjoy that emotion.

Hamilton started the race in Russia from pole and came first out of turn one, but the race was far from over. The Briton was punished by ten seconds and had to collect the penalty at his first pit stop. However, according to Hamilton, that pit stop was far too early and so we heard him complaining about the on-board radio.

Hamilton hates strategy

''I like that too, because that's just how Lewis Hamilton is. That's just lik how it is with Max. Max Verstappen also has that extra disk space left to think about what's still possible. It's nice to hear that Hamilton said that he doesn't want that information and that he just doesn't say anything on the onboard radio during the in-lap'', says Plooij at F1 aan Tafel.

So Mercedes will have to talk to their star driver this week to explain the situation. Hamilton didn't even get a second place this early in the race, where the Mercedes looked a lot stronger than the Red Bull.

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