Tensions within Racing Point: 'Seven years don't end in a bad way'

25-09-2020 06:36 | Updated: 25-09-2020 10:16
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Tensions within Racing Point: 'Seven years don't end in a bad way'

Tensions within Racing Point have risen high after Sergio Perez was forced to leave. The Mexican seems to have lost confidence in the team, but now reports on social media suggest that he has discussed this with the team.

Arguing within Racing Point

Perez had a contract with Racing Point until 2023 and with the competitive car and the deal with Aston Martin in sight, Perez saw a bright future ahead. However, it was rudely disrupted by Sebastian Vettel, who was allowed to take his place by a clause in Perez's contract. In that way, the Mexican still lost his place.

According to rumours, Perez heard the news in his hotel room, where Lawrence Stroll was talking to Vettel in the adjoining room. Perez posted his announcement online, after which Racing Point only came out the next morning with Vettel's announcement.

Perez discusses his problem

In Russia, the tension seems to have increased even further when Lance Stroll got the latest upgrades and Perez did not. The Canadian crashed with the other new parts in Mugello and the team has not been able to build any more parts. Perez already expressed the feeling that the team is holding things back for him, but he will come back to that on Friday morning.

''I have known this team for seven years and they are like family to me. I have spoken to them and they have accepted my explanations. There is no reason to end this in a bad way after seven years. We want to move forward and the sky is clear,'' Perez says online.

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