Thursday's summary in Russia: Honda solves problems, Hamilton is angry

24-09-2020 21:50
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Thursday's summary in Russia: Honda solves problems, Hamilton is angry

Today's big news came from Honda. The Japanese engine supplier reported that the engine problems that Verstappen had in the past two GP's have been solved. These were the most important developments of the Thursday.

Honda solves engine problems

It didn't go well for Max Verstappen in the last two races. At Monza and Mugello he had problems with his Honda engine. According to Honda top man Tanabe, the problems should now be solved. "Our investigation revealed that several factors caused the problem and we have been able to apply countermeasures to deal with each of these, with the aim of ensuring the fault does not happen again."

Will Perez stay in Formula 1?

It seems that Sergio Perez will stay in Formula 1. The most realistic transition for the Mexican, who will have to make way for Sebastian Vettel at Racing Point next year, would be to the Haas team. Guenther Steiner could just as easily throw out the current drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen at the end of this season. Perez seems to be the main candidate now, but it is still unclear whether the team's current line-up will be completely overhauled.

Lewis Hamilton is very angry

Lewis Hamilton is very disappointed with the grand jury's indictment of the agents in America who murdered Breonna Taylor. They are being charged with reckless violence, not murder as Hamilton would have liked. "I'm so sad but not surprised at this outcome. Police continue to get away with murder every single day and it needs to stop!" he writes on Instagram.

Comeback of Alonso

Fernando Alonso will make his return to Formula 1 with the Renault team next season. A video of the French team was released today showing an emotional Alonso. "These are emotional days and it feels like a first day at school. It was a good experience to walk around here again, because of course I have a lot of memories here. I followed the programme and sat in the simulator. The last time I was here they didn't even have it'', said Alonso.

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