Norris: "We're doing better than Racing Point"

24-09-2020 21:26
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Norris: We're doing better than Racing Point

Lando Norris always sees room for improvement. The young British driver from McLaren says he still had some work to do after his sixth place at Mugello. According to him it shows how far his team has come.

"That's what I said after Monza when I finished fourth, when I was pretty disappointed", says Norris in front of the Formula cameras. "Looking back at last year and the year before and the difficulties we had then, that was our dream. We have made many improvements, but we still have a long way to go. I think that is the mentality we need. If we are disappointed with P4 or P6, that is what continues to motivate us".

"Never thought of that before"

Later in the interview, Norris says that he is quite surprised with his fourth place in the World Championship. "Yes, I had never thought of that before. We never really knew where Ferrari would be, we expected them to be a lot more competitive than they are now. That has changed the hierarchy. But it's really very close together and if I have one bad weekend I can drop back to tenth place in no time".

"It's going to be very difficult to hold on to fourth place this weekend. In 80% of the races this year the Racing Points were faster than us, but they made more mistakes and had more problems. We have benefited from that. I wouldn't be surprised if they do better and do what they are capable of doing. Then they will overtake us, because they have a faster car on the majority of circuits. We just did better as a team," concludes the 20-year-old driver.  

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