Albon: "I looked up to him"

24-09-2020 19:20 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:48
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Albon: I looked up to him

Alexander Albon has always looked up to Michael Schumacher and how he did his job. There are a number of different reasons for this, he says.

The young Albon was a big fan of 'Schumi'. At today's press conference he will be asked if Schumacher's successes at Ferrari will influence how the 24-year-old driver of Red Bull Racing now drives. Albon is described by some as someone who is very driven by data and gets a lot of his information and strategies out of it, as did the German seven-time world champion.


Albon says he admired Schumacher precisely because of that mindset. "I admire how Michael did his job. At some points I looked up to him, including how he approached his work. Of course, he was someone who not only had talent for the job. He also spent a lot of hours on the sport alongside the job.

"He also worked very closely with his mechanics. When I grew up I really saw him as an example of someone who achieved his results through his work attitude. So I certainly get inspiration from that," says the young Thai, who achieved his first podium of his career a fortnight ago at Mugello. 

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