Vettel looks forward to Sochi's GP with mixed feelings

23-09-2020 20:15
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Vettel looks forward to Sochi's GP with mixed feelings

Sebastian Vettel looks forward to next weekend's GP with mixed feelings. Then he and his team mate Charles Leclerc will try to win points for Ferrari at the Sochi circuit in Russia.

The situation of Vettel at Ferrari this season is well known. The German does not know how to find his twist in this year's car, which is not very good anyway. His team mate Leclerc beats him this season so far by seven to two in qualifying and also during the race the young Monegask achieves far more points than the four-time world champion.

"Training is important"

To make that different this weekend, Vettel is hoping for some good free practice sessions. According to him, this is important, because overtaking at Sochi is difficult, especially in the last sector. "The final sector is not as exciting, tighter and with a few low speed sections. Overtaking is rather difficult and that’s why it will be important to do a good job in free practice to get all the potential out of the car in qualifying" he explains in the preview of Ferrari.

Vettel is a lot happier with the rest of the track. "The Sochi track has a very nice first sector, especially when you tackle turn 3 accelerating flat out. In the second sector there’s a series of ninety degree medium speed corners and you need to have a good line going into them."

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