Horner compares Verstappen with Schumacher: "He is able to do the same"

22-09-2020 13:23
by GPblog.com
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Horner compares Verstappen with Schumacher: He is able to do the same

Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon are both good Formula 1 drivers, but they stand and stood in the shadow of Max Verstappen. Not a nice position, because the Dutchman is from an excellent class, which means that the performance of the other two drivers is often less and that creates a distorted picture.

Other drivers are less able to do that

To reduce the gap to Mercedes, Red Bull Racing has produced a car that is very difficult to drive, but faster. Verstappen can clearly cope with this better than other drivers, and Christian Horner likes to compare that situation with that of Michael Schumacher in his time at Benetton.

For example, Red Bull Racing's team boss says to ESPN: "I would liken it to Michael Schumacher when he drove the Benetton in the mid-90s and there were not many teammates who could drive the car in the manner and fashion that Michael was able to. I think that Max is able to do the same with this car."

"Some of the car's nuances, he can cope with and they don't unsettle him. Whereas, whether it was Pierre or Daniel [Ricciardo] on occasions and certainly Alex, it has an effect. So that's what we are focused on as a team, trying to tidy up and reduce the car's sensitivity in that area."

Natural speed

Verstappen operates at a high level and indicating where exactly that comes from is actually quite easy, according to Horner. "He's just got great natural speed, great natural talent and ability. He has great confidence and self-belief. He has got uncanny car control and racecraft and now he has experience."

"So if you put that package together at 22, you've got a very competitive racing machine," which makes him a top level driver.

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