'Contract clause? You don't have to tell them to step it up'

22-09-2020 07:02 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:21
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'Contract clause? You don't have to tell them to step it up'

Last weeks Max Verstappen's contract came up for discussion again. Does the Dutchman have a clause in his contract to leave Red Bull Racing earlier or not? And if so, should he leave?

Last winter, Verstappen signed his contract with Red Bull until 2023. A long period, but with the rule change of 2022 on the horizon, perhaps the right decision. With the budget cap and completely new rules on the doorstep, it remains to be seen which team will come out on top. Then it is better to stick to what you have.

The clause of Verstappen

Nevertheless, in recent weeks, rumours of a clause have resurfaced. At the end of 2021, Verstappen could also leave Red Bull. ''That rule in contracts is always there. If a team doesn't deliver a winning car, you have clauses that allow you to get out. That's why you don't make a contract to continue with each other, but rather how you get rid of each other if things don't work out,'' says Olav Mol at F1 aan Tafel.

However, the Ziggo Sport commentator does not see it happening any time soon that Verstappen is leaving Red Bull. ''I don't see it happening any time soon that you change to a team of which you don't know if there's a good car in 2022. Personally, I think the Verstappens are very loyal to the people who brought them in. Of course they have to make sure that he is satisfied, but you don't have to tell anyone at Red Bull or Honda now that you have to step it up'', concludes Mol.

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