Buxton: "Yet it is the perception that Stroll is doing worse than Perez"

19-09-2020 14:39 | Updated: 19-09-2020 16:52
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Buxton: Yet it is the perception that Stroll is doing worse than Perez

Racing Point driver Lance Stroll is not very popular on the grid. He is often accused of having bought his spot in the sport. Critics say he's not good enough for F1. Will Buxton disagrees and says Stroll doens't get the credit he deserves.

Stroll does not receive the credit he deserves

Lawrence Stroll (father of) bought himself into Formula 1 at the then Force India. Before that, Lance drove with Williams, in which his father also had a share. Although Lance's form was not excellent, he continued to compete in F1, at the expense of drivers such as Esteban Ocon.

Will Buxton tries to substantiate on the F1 website why the general perception about Stroll is a misconception. According to the F1 journalist, Stroll is not getting the honour he deserves. The Canadian only shoots himself in the foot: "If I'm very honest, Stroll doesn't make it easy for himself."

Interviews make him unpopular

Buxton continues: "We know that drivers do not like the interview requirements very much. It's boring and repetitive, but these moments are important for an athlete to make contact with his fans. Lance shows with his attitude that he is not really interested or arrogant."

Still, Buxton thinks Stroll is doing just fine on the track, especially this year. "He has participated in nine races with two mechanical failures. With those seven races he gained 57 points. With the seven races of Sergio Perez, the Mexican only got 44 points. Still, the perception is that Stroll is no better than his teammate."

Buxton also emphasizes that Stroll didn't do badly before he entered F1. The Canadian did what he had to do for his super license. 

Stroll is worth the money

There is no denying that Stroll has been given his seat in Formula 1. Lawrence has taken his son to the teams he invests in. Buxton, however, believes that he is worth the money and that his bought-in spot still belongs there.

"Nobody rides for free in junior race series. Lawrence is neither the first nor the last person to support his son financially during his racing career.

"The connotation that Lawrence bought a racing team for his son, however erroneous this statement may be, will be hard to shake off for Lance."

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