Doornbos about Red Bull: "That's really shocking for such a top team"

18-09-2020 22:04
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Doornbos about Red Bull: That's really shocking for such a top team

Robert Doornbos is not impressed by Honda. Red Bull Racing's engine supplier could not prevent Max Verstappen from going out for the second weekend in a row with technical problems.

During the Monza Grand Prix Verstappen dropped out after the restart. It then became clear that it was a problem with the engine. During the week towards the GP of Mugello Honda reported that the problem had been solved. However, immediately after the start it became clear that this was not the case. Verstappen drove off, but soon reported on the radio that he had lost his strength before he was tipped off the track and could stop his race.


In the Formula 1 Café of Ziggo Sport, Doornbos said the following: "There are 1100 people working on the chassis and in Japan there are still a few hundred people working alone on the engine. What I particularly regretted was that there were seven days between the same problems. And that is shocking for such a top team".

"They have not yet communicated to the outside world what the problem was, but it is an engine part of Honda. But that you can't get that done. First you had that blow in Monza and then later you just had it again".

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