Russell pleads for new rules during red flags

16-09-2020 20:42 | Updated: 16-09-2020 22:02
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Russell pleads for new rules during red flags

George Russell is not happy with the red flag situations. The young Briton says he has lost his first points in Formula 1 due to the two breaks in the Tuscany Grand Prix.

According to Russell, the two points would have been in the bag if there had not been a second red flag. The red flag gave Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean the chance to take back their lap and join them at the back. This gave Raikkonen and Grosjean an extra lap to warm up their tyres.

Tyre changes

According to Russell, the main problem is the free tyre change that drivers can do during a red flag. "The biggest thing is the tire change in the pit stop. These guys are getting free tire changes — we were on a good tire strategy, tires were great for us. Suddenly people can box and put whatever tires they want and get a free stop", explains the Williams driver at

"If they’re going to do this more often they need to work on a couple of rules — you shouldn’t be allowed to have a free tire change, it’s part of the race. You’re in the race, you need to stay on the tires you were on at the time being. People planned their strategy around a normal race, not around races that are getting two red flags in", concludes Russell.

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