De Telegraaf: 'Verstappen can look for a different team after 2021'

16-09-2020 19:37 | Updated: 16-09-2020 19:39
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De Telegraaf: 'Verstappen can look for a different team after 2021'

This morning it was announced by Helmut Marko that Max Verstappen has a permanent contract until 2021. The performance of Red Bull Racing will fall by this season and the connection with Mercedes still seems a long way off.

Marko announced earlier today that Verstappen is 'stuck' at Red Bull until the 2021 season. It is no coincidence that Marko speaks openly about the contract of Verstappen. Red Bull and Honda are rapidly improving in order to keep the Dutch talent in the seasons to come.


According to De Telegraaf, Verstappen would have a clause in his contract. This allows him to leave Red Bull after the 2021 season when the team is unable to deliver a championship worthy car. It is extraordinary that the contract is spoken about so openly, because Camp-Verstappen does not talk about things that have been agreed in confidence.

For Verstappen itself, it is a matter of waiting. It is not certain to what extent Red Bull will be able to close the gap to Mercedes, as the corona- pandemic means that only limited work can be done on the 2021 car.

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