Marko: 'We have to offer Verstappen a competitive engine to keep it'

16-09-2020 09:56
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Marko: 'We have to offer Verstappen a competitive engine to keep it'

Max Verstappen may have signed a long contract with Red Bull Racing, but Helmut Marko is well aware that things need to improve quickly. If performance does not improve, Verstappen can still leave.

Honda is making progress

During the winter break Max Verstappen extended his contract with Red Bull until 2023. A sign of confidence in the team and of course the corresponding financial increases for the Dutchman. In the meantime, however, it is clear that there are clauses in the contract of Verstappen and Honda is an important pawn in this.

''Honda has made progress, but Mercedes is still the best, certainly when it comes to the battery. We now have to work hard to close the gap. Honda has changed engineers, so maybe this has caused some problems,'' says Marko to Auto Bild.

Verstappen wants a good engine

Honda's future in Formula 1 is also far from certain. At the moment Honda will remain in Formula 1 at least until 2021, but as of the new regulations it is not yet clear which engine Red Bull can use. ''That decision will be made at the beginning of October," says the Austrian.

The performance of Honda and Red Bull is also important for retaining their star driver. Verstappen may have a contract up to and including 2023, but that does mean that Red Bull and Honda also have to deliver. ''Max actually has a permanent contract for 2021, but we are aware that we have to give him a competitive engine'', concludes the top man of Red Bull Racing.

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