Is Hamilton now going too far? ''You have to separate sport and politcs''

15-09-2020 07:04
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Is Hamilton now going too far? ''You have to separate sport and politcs''

Prior to the Tuscany Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton wore a new shirt. The Brit made a statement after the death of Breonna Taylor. The question is whether Hamilton did not go a step too far with this?

Breonna Taylor was shot by policemen in her own house in March this year. There have been several investigations, but apart from the dismissal of one of the policemen, there was no further conviction. In Mugello, Hamilton walked around with a shirt on, saying that the policemen who killed Breonna should be arrested.

Is Hamilton going too far now?

''The question is whether the FIA approves. I understand that they are investigating this and the question is, of course, whether Mercedes knew this and whether they approved it? Hamilton, as far as I am concerned, is going one step further than it did last time. The line is very thin, but you have to separate sport and politics. As far as I'm concerned, this rattled on all sides and Lewis is clearly looking for the line'', says Olav Mol at F1 aan Tafel.

The commentator is assisted by Jeroen Kreeft. ''Lewis has simply abused his position here. He has already achieved a lot with 'Black Lives Matter' and my eyes are on 'All lives Matter'. Lewis is just going too far here and the FIA will definitely look into this'', the Dutch racing driver concludes.

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