Masi puts the blame on the drivers: ''We have advised them''

14-09-2020 12:52 | Updated: 14-09-2020 14:49
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Masi puts the blame on the drivers: ''We have advised them''

The major crash at the restart behind the Safety Car caused many questions. One blames Valtteri Bottas, another George Russell and yet another points to the FIA. Michael Masi, who blames the drivers.

After the Max Verstappen, crash the drivers from behind the Safety Car have to start lap seven of the Tuscan Grand Prix. However, they won't get far, because even before Bottas gets on his throttle, there is already a huge crash behind him. Masi, however, refuses to blame his own rules and points at the drivers.

Masi rightly points the finger at drivers

''They can criticize what they want, but the line is always in a fixed place and was no different here than on other circuits. The lights of the Safety Car just go out and if that is the case we have 20 of the best drivers on the grid to deal with that. In F3 that went very well and without any incidents," Masi says to, who puts the blame on the drivers.

''We don't need to revisit the Safety Car restart rule. We warned the drivers on Friday during the briefing not to overtake in front of the pitting entrance. It's no surprise what Valtteri Bottas is doing, because we've already seen this in Baku, where the leader keeps very quiet'', concludes Masi.

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