Verstappen indifferent about refreshing stage: "It should be me standing there"

10-09-2020 19:02
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Verstappen indifferent about refreshing stage: It should be me standing there

You could call it a refreshing stage at Monza. Strangely enough there were no newcomers to be found, but the little stairs consisting of Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll could not have been predicted. Max Verstappen remains indifferent about it. "I should have stood there.

Refreshing podium does Verstappen nothing

It was more luck than wisdom for the three men on stage. Neither the Red Bulls nor both Mercedesses were involved in the first race in Italy. That's why three other teams were able to strike and claim a place in the top three.

After Monza there were a lot of noises from the paddock, from the media and from the fans that it is very good for Formula 1 that there will be other faces on the podium. Toto Wolff also reported something along these lines, but Verstappen does not agree.

During the online Red Bull press conference, Verstappen indicated that he doesn't really care who is on the podium: "I don't care. In the end I just have to stand there normally. Every weekend, that's the most important thing to me".

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