Championship 2020? Verstappen: "Forget about it!"

10-09-2020 18:45
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Championship 2020? Verstappen: Forget about it!

Formula 1 travels to Mugello and has therefore not had to cover many kilometres from Monza. Max Verstappen prefers to forget about the weekend and focuses on the upcoming weekend, because according to him that can't get any worse than Monza. However, the title chances are gone.

Never was a chance to win a title for Verstappen in 2020

After Max Verstappen's victory in England, the hope for a title seemed to be stirring up among the Verstappen fans. Verstappen was a bit behind Lewis Hamilton and had already had a DNF. Now the Dutchman has a second DNF behind his name.

At Sky Sports they wonder, given the total madness of the last race, whether it is still possible to come back from these two failures. Verstappen is short: "Forget it! As if that chance was ever there."

With unbelievable luck a title' for Verstappen

"I only won one race and during those other races I didn't even have the chance to win, so forget it". However, the journalist is stubborn and asks once again, given Pierre Gasly's victory, not everything is still possible:

"Yes with unbelievable luck, every weekend, every time some red flags. No, of course not. I am realistic and we do not stand a chance'.

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