Tost remains realistic about odds of winning: "That's not to be expected"

10-09-2020 14:43 | Updated: 10-09-2020 16:42
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Tost remains realistic about odds of winning: That's not to be expected

Pierre Gasly's victory at Monza last Sunday was a surprise for everyone. A beautiful victory, with which the team equalled the best result of twelve years ago when they won with Sebastian Vettel on the same circuit. Gasly kept his cool and his good performance was eventually rewarded with first place, but what does the near future look like?

The spotlights on AlphaTauri

The fact that AlphaTauri is suddenly back in the spotlight is of course due to Gasly's performance, but also due to the car that managed to hold its own well. Does that paint a positive perspective on the near future? Sure, but team boss Franz Toast does temper the expectations a bit, because there is no fighting in the lead.

In an interview with Tost says to the question if we can expect more similar victories: "That's not to be expected, we have to stay realistic. We simply did everything right in Monza and we were there when the favourites, and Mercedes in particular, showed weaknesses."

"From a strategic perspective, everything fitted perfectly. The safety car came at the right time, but we need to keep both feet on the ground. Our opponents are McLaren, Racing Point and Renault. It's hard enough to beat them," said Tost, who is putting the focus back on their usual challengers for the time ahead.

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