Alesi on Gasly: "This is a vengeance of pride"

07-09-2020 08:58 | Updated: 07-09-2020 10:51
Alesi on Gasly: This is a vengeance of pride

Jean Alesi was deeply moved by Pierre Gasly's victory in the Italian Grand Prix. The former Formula 1 driver knows that France has had to wait a long time for a new victory in the king's class of motor racing and that Gasly's success in an AlphaTauri only makes it even better.

"I can't stop my emotions. What a Grand Prix! It was a pleasure for us, it was wonderful to see these last laps. I looked sector by sector, I said to myself: 'don't let the DRS grab you'. Then he just wins, it's beautiful", Alesi stumbles in conversation with Canal +.

Monza challenging circuit

The Frenchman has many compliments for Gasly. "He drives an Alpha Tauri, he doesn't win with a competitive car. That's exceptional, it's a real achievement. What's more, Monza is the most difficult circuit, because of its very high speed. Mistakes are unforgivable. You can damage the tyres quickly and, for example, make errors of judgement when braking at the end of the straight," he says.

It took Gasly 55 Grands Prix to get his first win in Formula 1. "It's amazing to see this craftsmanship," says Alesi. "He will remember this moment for the rest of his life. When you enter Formula 1, you know you can win. It is only a matter of time. He's a very strong boy, he knew he would win one day, but he didn't expect that to happen with an Alpha Tauri".

Gasly replies

The 56-year-old former driver hopes that Gasly will get another chance at Red Bull to show what he's worth. "Hopefully it will help him to drive a car that gives him all the technical capabilities to win. Red Bull relegated him to the B team last year and winning a Grand Prix is a revenge of pride and I'm happy about that," said Alesi.

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