Updates on the RB16: The rear wing is almost flat!

04-09-2020 16:54
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Updates on the RB16: The rear wing is almost flat!

Red Bull Racing arrived in Italy with an extremely flat rear wing. To reduce drag on the straights, the rear wing is almost flat. In addition, the diffuser on the rear of the car has been changed and we see the thin nose return

Red Bull don't want to make the same mistake as they did in Belgium last weekend. In Spa, the team bet on rain and arrived with a less flat rear wing. In Monza, things have to be changed, which is why the Austrian team comes with an extreme aerodynamic configuration at the rear of the RB16, according to the analysis made by the Italian branch of Motorsport.com.

Updates on the RB16

The rear wing flap is almost flat, so it will generate much less downforce and with the need to be faster on the straights. This does mean that DRS a smaller effect when it is opened on the Italian circuit.

The team also tested the narrow nose on Alexander Albon's car on Friday. It is not the first time that this narrow nose has been used. Earlier this season, Max Verstappen also drove with the different nose.

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