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Ferrari wants answers and continues protest against Racing Point

Ferrari wants answers and continues protest against Racing Point

04-09-2020 13:51 Last update: 18:20


Around the Austrian Grand Prix, Renault were the first team to protest against the car from Racing Point, which was supposed to be a copy of the Mercedes. Several teams joined the French outgit, but one by one (including Renault) teams began to withdraw their appeal. Ferrari is now the only team to continue their protest.

When it was announced that Renault were also withdrawing from the protest, the French car manufacturer said that they were satisfied with the FIA's promise to pay particular attention to copying behaviour in the future.

At the press conference for the Italian Grand Prix, Mattia Binotto explained once again that Ferrari believes that Racing Point is driving an illegal car. That hasn't changed and the team wants answers, according to Ferrari's team boss.

Racing Point in direct competition with Ferrari

The fact that Ferrari, in particular, are continuing their protest is somewhat striking, given their own role in cheating over the past year. Nevertheless, the decision is also understandable. In an extraordinarily bad season for Ferrari, for the first time in years, the team seems to be losing their position in the traditional top three. Racing Point is candidate number one to fill that gap.

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