Verstappen reacts to Williams stepping down: "Unfortunately I don't know him well"

03-09-2020 14:18
Verstappen reacts to Williams stepping down: Unfortunately I don't know him well

When his father debuted in Formula 1, the Williams team were at the top of their game. In the career of Max Verstappen himself, the team has played a lesser role, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how much the team has meant for Formula 1.

Verstappen is asked by Sky Sports F1 washed away by the resignation of the Williams family and found Sir Frank in particular. He immediately confesses that he doesn't know Frank Williams very well, but his reaction certainly breathes respect for what the man has achieved.
Fortunately Williams name continues to exist

"I don't know him [Frank Williams] very well unfortunately, but if you look at all their results and what they've achieved in the past, of course, that's very impressive. Uincredible," said the Red Bull Racing driver with great respect.

"Fortunately, their name lives on, so their legacy and heritage will always be there. I Guess it's time for a change, but everyone will remember what happened in Formula 1 in the past".

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