McLaren team boss Seidl expects Ferrari to strike back again

02-09-2020 19:19
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McLaren team boss Seidl expects Ferrari to strike back again

Thanks to Lando Norris' seventh place in the Belgian Grand Prix, McLaren rose to third place in the constructors' championship. The team caught up with Racing Point and extended its lead over Ferrari. However, team boss Andreas Seidl has no reason to sit back yet.

It is now clear that things are not going well at Ferrari, but according to Seidl on the resilience of the Italian team should not be underestimated. "We cannot underestimate the ability of Ferrari to strike back during the course of the season because of their experience, the manpower, and the infrastructure. I am sure it is only a matter of time before they will strike back again as well. That’s why it hurts even more that we didn’t collect even more points at Spa.”

At Monza McLaren will have another opportunity to extend his lead over Ferrari. “I expect to be close again to the Racing Points and the Renaults,” Seidl said. “Everything we can see here at the moment and take away from here, and also reading the comments from Ferrari, they may struggle there as well. So hopefully once again it is an opportunity to score more points than we did here.”

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