Mercedes is the big example: ''We want to imitate that at McLaren''

02-09-2020 08:15
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Mercedes is the big example: ''We want to imitate that at McLaren''

As number three in the constructors' championship, McLaren has already taken a considerable step forward in recent seasons. Team boss Andreas Seidl plays a crucial role in this. He strives for performance from Mercedes and Bayern Munich football club.

''Of course I enjoyed the victory and it is great to see what the management at Bayern has done to make it happen. You can see a team on the field going through fire for each other and working together to achieve one thing. That's what we're aiming for with McLaren'', said Andreas Seidl in the F1 Nation podcast.

Seidl with McLaren to the top

''You have a team at McLaren of 600 to 700 men, but I just compare that to a sports team. We need to create a team that will work in the same direction towards the final goal. You shouldn't point to individuals, but make sure you solve problems together and learn from your mistake''.

In addition to Bayern Munich, Mercedes is also a great example of Seidl. ''Mercedes manages to achieve these achievements time and time again. It also goes wrong sometimes, but then they always manage to hit back the weekend after. We want to imitate such an organisation at McLaren'', concludes the German.

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