Brawn: "He must be nervous about his prospects next season"

31-08-2020 17:46 | Updated: 31-08-2020 19:24
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Brawn: He must be nervous about his prospects next season

Carlos Sainz will make his dream transfer to Ferrari a reality in 2021, although at the moment it looks more like a nightmare. Ferrari is struggling with major problems that are mainly caused by the power source. Formula 1 director Ross Brawn thinks Sainz is nervous about his upcoming move at the moment.

Transfer to Ferrari

Sainz will exchange his McLaren for a place at Ferrari after 2020 where he will replace the outgoing Sebastian Vettel. At the time of signing the contract, Ferrari's problems had not yet been properly mapped out. Ferrari has had a dramatic season to date with two surprising podium finishes by Charles Leclerc as highlights.

Sainz nervous

Sainz, too, has a poorer start to his 2020 season, something that has not escaped Brawn's notice. "This has been a tough year for him, but he’s a pretty positive guy. He’s a very strong character, his career has been no easy ride after all. I’ve always rated him, I think he’s a great driver and he’ll manage this situation," said Brawn in his column on

Yet Brawn acknowledges that even the positive Sainz is going to have a tough time at Ferrari: "But what looked like a dream move to Ferrari next year isn’t looking too good right now and inevitably, he must be nervous about his prospects next season."

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