Max humbly after comparison with Senna and Schumacher: "Don't really like it"

27-08-2020 20:07
Max humbly after comparison with Senna and Schumacher: Don't really like it

Max Verstappen thinks it's going to be exciting which team will be able to take place at the second starting line during the Belgian Grand Prix. The Formula 1 driver states that Racing Point is a very strong competitor. Verstappen also comments on the compliments that Jenson Button gave last week to the 22-year old driver from Limburg.

"On one lap they will be very fast", says Verstappen in conversation with Will Buxton for "We have to be careful for them in one lap. We have to make sure that we find a good balance in the car".

Verstappen compared to Schumacher and Senna

Last week Button drew the comparison with Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. The single world champion is very impressed by Verstappen. The nine-time Grand Prix winner himself remains humble. "I never really like to talk about it."

Verstappen then indicates that he is not easily satisfied with himself. "Of course I can see that things are going well, but I try to look at the things I can do better. I have to make sure that I continue to improve. Others are doing the same. That's what I focus on," said the Red Bull Racing driver.

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