Marko: "One forgets that Albon was even faster than Verstappen in second stint"

24-08-2020 14:15 | Updated: 24-08-2020 17:36
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Marko: One forgets that Albon was even faster than Verstappen in second stint

Alexander Albon has received on a lot of criticism as a teammate of Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing. The Thai is way behind the Dutchman and every weekend he leaves a lot behind in relation to Verstappen. However, team advisor Helmut Marko assists Albon.

Albon at the same level as Verstappen into curves

For example, according to, Marko indicates that he does not agree at all with the criticism Albon receives: "Albon gives very good technical feedback to the team. His performance in the race is also strong. In the corners he is even at the level of Verstappen".

F1 placed a tweet comparing the two Red Bull drivers. The numbers seem to speak for themselves, but Helmut Marko obviously sees it differently.

Albon was faster than Verstappen at Silverstone

"Albon is generally undervalued," continues the Austrian annoyed. "What is completely forgotten is that he was the fastest man on the track during the second stint in both races at Silverstone.

"He was even faster than Verstappen at the time. He could have won the Red Bull Ring as well. That proves he's absolutely very fast when he's in his rhythm".

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