Red Bull sees Kyvat underperforming: "But we're not thinking of replacing Daniil"

20-08-2020 10:20 | Updated: 20-08-2020 10:21
Red Bull sees Kyvat underperforming: But we're not thinking of replacing Daniil

Helmut Marko doesn't blame Alexander Albon for not getting any further than a disappointing eighth place during the Spanish Grand Prix. Not only Albon seems to be under pressure, but also Daniil Kvyat will have to step up a gear. Despite the Russian driver performing below expectations, he doesn't seem to have to fear for his place yet.

"The performance in Barcelona, including the strategy, comes down to his racing engineer", Marko tells The man from Graz retains confidence in the British Thai. "Alex looked like a fool, not because of himself. It was his worst race, but as long as he continues to make progress, he is out of discussion."

Also Kvyat under pressure

Albon faces a 6-0 deficit in the qualifying game with teammate Max Verstappen. The same goes for Daniil Kyvat. The AlphaTauri rider is still not up to Pierre Gasly. The 26-year-old rider scored a single World Championship point twice in 2020 and is fourteen points behind his French teammate in the World Championship.

Of course Marko has seen that either. "Yes, Daniil doesn't perform as we expect. But we are still only halfway through," the 77-year old Austrian says. He doesn't seem to be replacing yet either. When the name of former Red Bull-junior Lucas Auer falls, Marko strongly denies that he is on a list.

Tsunoda and Lawson aiming for super license

Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson are the main guests within the team of the Austrian race stable for a transfer to AlphaTauri in due course. They are the only ones who are currently eligible for a super license. "Tsunoda in Formula 2 and Lawson in Formula 3 would currently be in positions that would entitle them to a super license. But we're not thinking of replacing Kvyat", clarified Marko.

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