Brawn about divorce Vettel and Ferrari: "It’s very awkward"

17-08-2020 18:32 | Updated: 17-08-2020 23:59
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Brawn about divorce Vettel and Ferrari: It’s very awkward

While Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel continue to maintain that internally everything is going well, that is not the impression that the rest of the world has. The upcoming departure of Vettel at the Italian race stable has apparently caused cracks in the relationship and it is now often compared to a marriage that is coming to an end. 

The divorce is not yet complete

Ross Brawn of Formula 1 has reacted to the situation in his column. He said: "They are in that period of a divorce where the papers have been served, but the divorce hasn’t gone through. It’s very awkward."

The four-time champion has only sixteen points against forty-five points from his teammate Charles Leclerc, who dropped out last weekend.

"The chemistry between a driver and their team is so important. You’re part of a team and you succeed as a team, and fail as a team. Managing that dynamic is always a challenge," something they don't really succeed in at the moment. As the end of the season approaches, Vettel will undoubtedly also increasingly have the feeling of 'nothing to lose', as he showed on Sunday during the radio communication with his engineer.

"When a driver has been told he is no longer needed, it’s one of the most difficult times for a team. He knows you no longer want him and the cracks appear quickly. It is up to the team to manage it as best they can. From my own painful experience, I know drivers in this situation can be a handful."

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