Brawn on radio Verstappen: "Doesn't always realize how strategy can help"

17-08-2020 16:28 | Updated: 17-08-2020 16:52
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Brawn on radio Verstappen: Doesn't always realize how strategy can help

After the drama of the two races at Silverstone, the Spanish Grand Prix didn't quite live up to the standard set in Britain. Perhaps the highlight was Max Verstappen's onboard radio to the team. In it the Dutchman was fussing about the chosen strategy of Red Bull Racing.

In his column for Ross Brawn explained that he has enjoyed these too. "We’ve been treated to some stellar performances from Max so far this season – and some entertaining radio messages, too."

"What was noticeable was the different complexion of his radio messages from the last race to this one. At Silverstone, he was the hunter with his prey in sight. In Barcelona, he knew it was out of reach and he showed his frustration at that situation with his demeanour on the radio."

To the team to give a driver the right information

Contrary to Helmut Marko, Brawn understands the outburst of Verstappen, even though the young driver may not be right. It is then up to the racing engineer to explain the strategy in such a way that the driver understands it.

"That’s often how on the pit wall, you quickly pick up on mindset of driver and helps you find a way to deal with him and give him the right information. He doesn’t always realise how strategy could play you back into game."

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