Sainz: "At the moment we have not solved the problem yet"

14-08-2020 16:51
by Matt Gretton
Sainz: At the moment we have not solved the problem yet

Carlos Sainz started his home Grand Prix with a new chassis, but says the cooling issues the Spaniard is experiencing have not been resolved after the change. The McLaren driver says "things to try" are running out.

Problems with the cooling

“At the moment we haven't really solved the problem,” said Sainz in an interview with Sky Sports F1. “We still see some differences between the two cars. My car in particular has less cooling. We still have to drive with more cooling on the car and that takes quite a bit of lap time. So we are not yet at the bottom of the problem. ”

“We still have to keep looking, because at the moment it is a big question mark. We haven't found an answer yet and we've changed pretty much everything on the car, so things to try are running out. Hopefully we can find the last or most important thing that will give us the definitive answer, but at the moment it is difficult," the Spaniard concludes.

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