Mercedes still adheres to the Concorde Agreement: "We've changed our mind"

14-08-2020 14:10 | Updated: 14-08-2020 16:17
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Mercedes still adheres to the Concorde Agreement: We've changed our mind

Mercedes have long indicated that they are not yet ready to sign the Concorde Agreement. Several teams were clear about their position vis-à-vis the agreement and indicated that they were ready to sign it, but Mercedes didn't know if they were going to join the agreement. However, during the Spanish Grand Prix, Toto Wolff announced that they had made a decision.

"I've made it clear for a long time within the team that we need certain things in order to make steps in F1," Wolff explained to Autosport. The German said that Mercedes are too disadvantaged and that they want a better position in the Concorde Agreement. "I've changed that opinion at Silverstone."

Good point to sign

"I don't think all teams will ever have a common opinion. Everyone will try to get some extra out of it. That's the culture within the sport.

"We've decided to continue with Liberty. I've had a couple of conversations with Chase (Carey, ed.) last weekend," Wolff made clear.

"The biggest uncertainties were made clear then and we discussed that. I think we are now at a good point to sign the Concorde Agreement and move on." concluded Wolff.

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