Ricciardo stands up for Vettel: ''He won't run away from trouble''

14-08-2020 08:09 | Updated: 14-08-2020 11:26
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Ricciardo stands up for Vettel: ''He won't run away from trouble''

Daniel Ricciardo drove with Sebastian Vettel for one year and just as in their period together, Vettel struggles to keep up with his teammate in 2020. However, according to Ricciardo, Vettel is a man with a lot of passion for the sport who will not give up.

Ricciardo takes the stand for Vettel

"He's not the type that will run away from his problems," says Ricciardo about Vettel according to Speedweek.com. ''Maybe this is the wrong word, but Vettel has a lot of passion for the sport and won't just run away. He will analyze everything to find out what could go better,'' says Ricciardo about his former teammate.

In 2014 Ricciardo and Vettel drove together for Red Bull Racing. Ricciardo came over from Toro Rosso after Mark Webber left the team. Vettel had become world champion four times in a row, but lost the battle to Ricciardo. That year, however, it was no longer about the title, because Mercedes was far too fast for the Austrian team.

Vettel good for Formula 1

Now Vettel has fallen out of favour at Ferrari with the faster Charles Leclerc leading the way. However, Vettel is still under contract this year and will have to look for an answer to go faster. ''It is very important for him to become faster, because this is his passion and also his pride," says the Australian.

''I expect that he will hit back. It was a pleasure for me to be his teammate, but also his opponent. If he wants to stay in Formula 1 despite his departure from Ferrari, he should definitely do so. That would be good for the sport," concludes the driver of Renault.

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