Vettel on early divorce Ferrari: "We didn't even think about it"

13-08-2020 18:22 | Updated: 13-08-2020 18:31
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Vettel on early divorce Ferrari: We didn't even think about it

In May it became clear that Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari will say goodbye to each other after 2020. After a particularly bad season start for the German, which was made possible in part by the poor form of the team, the rumors started: Vettel would leave earlier this season. Vettel denies these allegations.

Dramatic season start Vettel

Vettel is in thirteenth place after five races in the F1-2020 season. Poor qualifications and multiple spins resulted in a disappointing start to the season. Much of this is due to the four-time world champion himself.

As teammate Charles Leclerc was able to take the podium this season, albeit by luck, Vettel's situation is even more dire. There were several rumours that Vettel was not even allowed to finish his contract in 2020.

Vettel denies rumors

The Heppenheimer responded to the rumors. quotes the Ferrari driver: "I don't think I'm going out at Ferrari already this year. We haven't even thought about it, let alone talked about it. I think that it is not only for me a question mark at the moment".

Vettel is well aware of his bad start of the season but believes in a turnaround. "At the moment it's not quite smooth, but I'm sure that when it's calmer and I get a decent chance, I can grab it."

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