Vettel: "I'm not frustrated, even though I've known better times."

13-08-2020 16:39
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Vettel: I'm not frustrated, even though I've known better times.

Prior to Spain's GP weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya, Sebastian Vettel looks ahead to the upcoming race, but also looks back on his start of the season. It was particularly bad for the German and Scuderia Ferrari-unworthy. Nevertheless the Heppenheimer is not frustrated.

Vettel not frustrated

Vettel is in thirteenth place in the championship with his Ferrari. Poor qualifying and multiple spins marked the beginning of his season. With the Spanish GP in sight, Vettel prefers not to say what he thinks about it.

During the FIA press conference he says: "I am not frustrated, even though I have known better times. It hasn't been my best opening of the season, but to say right away that it is frustrating? That's going too far for me."

Relationship Vettel and Ferrari

Vettel also discusses his relationship with his employer. Because of the on-board radios going back and forth in Silverstone they seemed to be at odds with each other. According to Vettel the anger of that weekend is over by now. They discussed the situation extensively.

"The situation hasn't worsened since the weeks before, even though it looked like on TV."

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