Magnussen agrees Albon: ''Punish unnecessary, because I understand that action''

06-08-2020 15:04 | Updated: 06-08-2020 15:12
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Magnussen agrees Albon: ''Punish unnecessary, because I understand that action''

Romain Grosjean was the most talked about driver after the Grand Prix of Great Britain and so the Frenchman had some explaining to do at the press conference after the race. Haas driver Kevin Magnussen suprisingly supports Alexander Albon.

Grosjean backs down

During the British Grand Prix Grosjean was discredited by two different actions. In a duel with Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo the Frenchman made a move on the straight when the drivers behind him tried to pass. Dangerous, according to the competition. After Grosjean earlier pretended nothing was wrong, he came back to that now.

''I fought hard at Silverstone, because that's my job. Of course you're on the limit, but I didn't move while braking, I did it on the straight. My action with Daniel was a bit late, but with Carlos I didn't mind as much as he did over the radio'', says the driver of Haas at the press conference according to

Magnussen saves Albon

Grosjean is a fan of the black and white flag he received as a kind of warning. That flag didn't go out for Albon, when he came into contact with Magnussen and the latter ended up in the wall. Albon was immediately punished with five seconds and even Magnussen thinks the penalty is too high.

''I had a moment in the turn before that and that's why I didn't get away well. However, the moment I saw him it was already too late. It's just a tight turn, but Alex doesn't deserve a punishment. I understand that he tried that action there'', the Dane is very relaxed about the collision at Silverstone.

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