Alfa Romeo Racing puts an end to Red Bull dominance

03-08-2020 09:36 | Updated: 03-08-2020 10:24
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Alfa Romeo Racing puts an end to Red Bull dominance

The last couple of seasons it's only between two teams when it comes to the fastest pitstop during a Grand Prix: Red Bull Racing or Williams. During the GP of Great Britain, however, Alfa Romeo came out on top once.

Not many pit stops were made during the UK Grand Prix, thanks to a Safety Car early in the race. Because of the crowded pit lane it was very important to make a quick pit stop. The team that succeeded best is Alfa Romeo. For Antonio Giovinazzi's car, the pit crew only needed 2.38 seconds to change the tyres. Mercedes also ended up on a 2.38, but needed a fraction longer according to the data of DHL Motorsports.

The Alfa Romeo team achieved 25 points for the Fastest Pit Stop classification. Mercedes can add 24 points for second and seventh place, but the big winner remains Red Bull Racing. With a third and fourth place the team gets 27 points for the race at Silverstone.

Red Bull at the top of the standings

This will only increase the team's lead. Red Bull Racing now stands at 120 points, followed by Mercedes at 82 points. Williams closes the top 3 with 63 points. The fastest pitstop of the season also remains in the name of Red Bull. During the Styrian Grand Prix the pit crew only needed 1.95 seconds for Max Verstappen's car.

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