UPDATE | Honda reviews power unit issues Gasly for upcoming races

23-07-2020 13:58 | Updated: 24-07-2020 13:25
by Thierry Bakker
 UPDATE | Honda reviews power unit issues Gasly for upcoming races

Masamitsu Motohashi is experiencing a different F1 season than usual. The calendar currently looks a lot different than the original one and that brings some challenges to the teams and their suppliers. Motohashi is evaluating the situation after the first triple header. 

UPDATE: The original article stated that Pierre Gasly retired due to an issue with his Honda engine. This is wrong, as the Pierre Gasly retired due to an gearbox issue which are not related to issues Honda experienced during the Hungarian GP.

This F1 season is shorter than usual because of the corona pandemic. Although they are happy that Honda is racing again, they do notice the effect of the current calendar. The races follow each other in quick succession so they have to adjust the pace at Honda as well. Upgrades, for example, have to be done faster on the car than planned.  "Our working method remains basically the same. We try to maximise the effects of the adjustments in as short a time as possible. We have less time this year which makes the data we collect more valuable," said Motohashi  to the Japanese edition or Autosport.

Slow start AlpaTauri

AlphaTauri does not have the best start of the season and currently belongs to the back of the field. Honda's power source also suffered from reliability problems, until Alpha Tauri eventually had to retire due to their gearbox. 

"In the Hungarian race we had problems with Pierre Gasly's power unit from the start and eventually we had a DNF due to a gearbox problem. Nevertheless he (Gasly) did a good job although the result was disappointing. We will use this as a lesson for the next races", concludes the Japanese

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