Horner looks back on crash Verstappen: "He was looking for eighth gear"

23-07-2020 16:52 | Updated: 23-07-2020 16:55
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Horner looks back on crash Verstappen: He was looking for eighth gear

Max Verstappen flew out of the corner just before the start of the race in Hungary and damaged his front wing. The reason for his outing in the wall was not necessarily the rain and the non-cooperative Intermediate tire. The Dutchman was synchronizing his eighth gear and didn't pay attention for a single second.

On the Red Bull website, Christian Horner reviews the last Hungarian Grand Prix and analyses the crash of Verstappen: "I was watching on the monitor and saw that Max went wide in turns six and seven. He was looking for grip and tried to synchronize eighth gear for the road to turn twelve".

"In addition, the track was slippier than he thought and the tires were still cold. No one could believe his eyes when he got into the wall." The circumstances were implacable. The error of Verstappen at least indicates how treacherous these circumstances were. Focusing your gaze on the steering wheel for a second could have a disastrous outcome.

RB16 to the pit or the grid?

The team had to decide quickly what to do next. Considering the end result, a P2 just ahead of Valtteri Bottas, it can be said that Red Bull made the right choice: "Fortunately Max managed to keep the engine running. We didn't know what was going on but decided to get him to the grid instead of the pitbox."

"When the mechanics pushed the car to the right spot, we had no idea if we could fix it in time. We chose the grid so that Max might not lose his starting position," says Christian Horner.

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