Racing Point isn't worried: "We've proved it's legal"

17-07-2020 19:26
Racing Point isn't worried: We've proved it's legal

It was one of the most important topics after the second Grand Prix in Austria. Renault protesting the car of Racing Point. According to the French team, Racing Point copied parts from Mercedes and that would be against the rules. CEO of Racing Point, Otmar Szafnauer, however, is not worried about the protest.

"We'd already heard rumours of a potential protest in Australia and those rumours didn't go away. We didn't change the car because we strongly believe and have proven that it is completely legal", explains Szafnauer at Sky Sports F1. "It has been designed within the regulations and we have not broken any rules".

Only the stewards convince

"All we have to do now is show the steward what we showed the FIA in March. They then came to our factory and took a good look at our factory and what we are doing there". So the FIA has already visited the team for inspection before the 2020 season. Remarkable about the protest is that Renault has opted for the brakes in the protest, while there are other parts more similar to Mercedes.

According to Szafnauer that choice is logical. "I think they have chosen that because it is more difficult to get a picture. It's mainly about the inside of the brakes, because that's where it all happens. The outside doesn't matter much, as is the case with other aerodynamic parts of the car", Szafnauer concludes.

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