Verstappen and Vettel critical on kerbs: "Can cause a lot of damage"

07-07-2020 15:10 | Updated: 07-07-2020 19:29
Verstappen and Vettel critical on kerbs: Can cause a lot of damage

Max Verstappen found that the yellow kerbs on the track in Spielberg are causing problems for many teams. The 22-year-old Dutchman of Red Bull ran into trouble with it on Sunday during the Austrian Grand Prix.

"Those yellow kerbs are tricky, but I think the rest is just normal," he says in conversation with ServusTV. "The speed is high in the corners, but I can't say it's the track."

Driving over the yellow kerbs can cause a lot of damage and cause problems with the sensors. Verstappen notices that the current cars are very fragile. "Everything's connected, of course."


Sebastian Vettel is more outspoken as he said: "The kerbs are indeed about the same on almost all circuits as in Austria. But in Austria we use the kerbs a bit more radical than usual. For drivers that's nice, you have a bit of slack. But for the cars it's very tough," according to the German who finished in tenth place last weekend.

"The last lap of qualifying for example I had a sensor that had failed," said Vettel. "The reason was probably that I drove too fast over the kerbs. The cars have to be strong to survive that." Also this weekend the Formula 1 Circus will race in Spielberg, home of the first and second Grand Prix of 2020.

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