Brundle looks back: "Albon should have been more patient at Hamilton"

06-07-2020 20:17 | Updated: 06-07-2020 20:32
Brundle looks back: Albon should have been more patient at Hamilton

In some respects the Grand Prix of Austria last Sunday was very similar to the Grand Prix of Brazil in 2019. A McLaren came on the podium, due to a time penalty from Lewis Hamilton that he got by a collision with Alex Albon. The eager Albon was the attacker this time and thought to overtake the Briton on the outside of turn four, but that turned out to be impossible in the end.

Martin Brundle expressed his thoughts on the situation in his column on Sky Sports F1. "For both of them it has been a hugely unfortunate situation. Albon sat on the fresh softs, while Hamilton drove on old hards. Albon could already smell the victory, let alone a podium. The two Mercedes riders in front of him both had inferior tyres and experienced problems with the gearbox".

Need to be more patient

As soon as the safety car was restarted, Albon thought about overtaking Hamilton. "Albon had the feeling that he had to do the overtaking as soon as possible, now that he still had the clear tire advantage. That's why he braked very deep in turn four. However, Hamilton thought he had repulsed an attack from the driver, but Albon suddenly reappeared at the exit of the turn," Brundle looks back on the situation.

"It was a risky action for Albon, especially as Hamilton had limited grip. He should have been patient and with the help of the DRS he was able to catch up, but Albon is a racer and he was on the hunt for Bottas and victory", Brundle concludes.

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