Albon: "We came out of the winter break with a very good car"

30-06-2020 16:08
by Editorial Team
Albon: We came out of the winter break with a very good car

Alex Albon has a special race next Sunday in Spielberg. He will then start the season at Red Bull Racing for the first time. Last season the Thai started at Toro Rosso and after the summer break he made the jump towards Red Bull. There he also has a contract for 2020 and is looking forward to the long-awaited start of the season in Austria. 

For Albon it will be important to perform well next season, as there are several drivers who are interested in the second seat next to Max Verstappen. Albon can get confidence from the results of Verstappen on the Red Bull Ring the past two years, when he won them both. "A good qualifying session is important, but a lot can change in the race, as Max has shown over the past two years."

A lot of confidence in the race

Albon has learned from his experiences around the Red Bull Ring last year. "It's very few curves so times will undoubtedly be close together and it's going to be hard to make a difference. However, the result in qualifying is not the result of the race", Albon thinks aloud. Last year Verstappen showed this by first dropping back to eighth place, but in the end he did win the race.

"A good car can make all the difference, the temperature is normally already very hot here and I'm sure it will be by now. It is now important to wait and see what happens. I think we came out of the winter test with a good car and from the day of filming at Silverstone everything felt good, so I'm ready for it and we're going to see it", Albon concludes.

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