Verstappen: "Of course it sucks that the season couldn't start"

28-06-2020 09:19
Verstappen: Of course it sucks that the season couldn't start

Max Verstappen was completely ready for racing in Australia. Red Bull Racing had a great preparation for the season and the whole team travelled to Melbourne in good spirits. Unfortunately just before the start of the Friday practice sessions they were told that the Grand Prix had been cancelled because of the corona virus.

First GP of 2020

Just before the start of the season Verstappen festively opened the renewed circuit of Zandvoort. Verstappen says he can't wait to race a Formula 1 car there. Mid March the entire Formula 1 circus travelled to Melbourne for the first Grand Prix of the season. Unfortunately everything went differently.

"We were very confident that we could start the season well. Then of course we travelled to Australia. We actually assumed we were going to start. Just before the Friday practice sessions started the news came out that the weekend was cancelled", says Verstappen in a video from Ziggo Sport.

Race less important

"Of course it sucks that the season couldn't start, but in the end I thought that was less important than what was going on in the world. Once we got home we went into lockdown very quickly. It's weird, you're trying to make the best of it. I solved that by being in the simulator a lot. It is of course hoping that you can get back in a car as soon as possible", Verstappen ends.

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