Binotto: "COVID-19 has had a lot of influence on the decisions at Ferrari"

06-06-2020 19:18 | Updated: 06-06-2020 20:57
by Editorial Team
Binotto: COVID-19 has had a lot of influence on the decisions at Ferrari

From 2021 onwards Sebastian Vettel will no longer drive for Ferrari, but the driver and the team will not fight each other. Mattia Binotto firmly hopes that the German will be able to find another team in Formula 1.

With all the changes taking place at the moment, it is easy to forget that another season is coming up. For some teams this may cause uncomfortable situations, where they have to choose between their 'own' driver and one who leaves at the end of the year.

According to Binotto, he can be confident that Vettel won't make any strange decisions in his last season for Ferrari. "Seb is a great person and a professional with a sense of responsibility. I am sure he wants to finish his last year with us well and that he will do his best for the team. So I don't expect any bad behaviour", the team boss said to the Spanish outfit

The influence of the coronavirus

For the team from Maranello it was also a difficult decision to say goodbye to the German. "We love Sebastian. He is part of our team, our project, so it is never an easy decision. Seb was our first choice, but then came COVID-19, a situation that has changed many things. From the new regulations to the budget cap, we have to look to the future. That's why we've had to make difficult decisions."

Binotto therefore hopes that Vettel will find another team where he can continue his Formula 1 career, even if it is with Ferrari's biggest competitor. "If Seb left F1 it would be a big loss for the sport. It is important that he finds a seat for next year. I've heard rumors that he may find it at Mercedes and I would be very happy for him, really", concludes the Italian.

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